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Viking Run

Europe – Viking Run

The North Cape to Munich - 9 Countries in 15 Days!

The "9 Flags" Viking Run is designed specifically for riders who enjoy longer riding days and the opportunity to experience the widest variety of cultural experiences possible during a 15-day Adventure. Riders will cover half the distance through Europe and will experience nine different countries. With two exceptions, each night will be spent in a different European country.

The Adventure begins far north of the Arctic Circle in Tromsø, which is also called the "Paris of the North". We will pass by the northernmost city of the world – Hammerfest, Norway - and continue as far north as it's possible to ride a motorcycle anywhere in the world – to the North Cape. The North Cape is much further north than Prudhoe Bay, Alaska!

After visiting the North Cape, we will spend another 3 days in Finland, spending the nights in Rovaniemi (the “home of Santa Clause”) at the Arctic Circle, Vaasa (at the shore of the Gulf of Botnia) and Helsinki, Finland’s capital.

After Norway and Finland, seven additional countries await riders: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. Each country features its own local character and culture (and beer) which distinguishes it from the other – part of which makes this Adventure so very special! The tour ends in Munich, Bavaria – capital of BMW, beer gardens and bavarian “Gemütlichkeit”. Riders having the time should consider adding a day or two to enjoy this city under the white and blue bavarian sky!

Highlights of this outstanding Adventure include:

  • The North Cape, Europe’s northernmost accessible point by motorcycle
  • Tallin, Riga and Kaunas – historic cities of the Baltic States
  • A medieval evening: dine like the knights 700 years ago!
  • Ride through the Masurian Lakes District in Poland
  • A rest day in Prague, the “Golden City”
  • A final ride through the alpine foothills of Austria and Bavaria
  • Dinners with typical dishes in each country

Riders will travel approximately 4,500 km (2,800 miles), entirely on good paved roads with little traffic. Long and very long daily distances are the main feature and the most challenging aspect, since there are no freeways. Most riding is on country roads with a 90 – 100 kph (55 – 60 mph) maximum speed. There a some sections in the mountains that are technically more challenging. Wind and a rougher climate can be an issue in the far north during the first three days.

Hotels are good three and four star quality.

The Route
The route is entirely paved, with a variety of road features.