RawHyde's Adventure Days - Apr. 13 - 16, 2017

What is Adventure Days?

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RawHyde is excited to announce Adventure Days 2017 at our brand new facility in the heart of the Mojave Desert. So what’s Adventure Days? Well – it’s an event from RawHyde designed to help you learn anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Adventure Riding plus an opportunity to take some great rides, enjoy the camaraderie of a shared “Adventure” and generally have a whole bunch of fun with great people over a long weekend.

The event is part Rally, Part Expo, and part Trade show!

Many companies from the Adventure Market will be present showing off their latest products (See vendor list below) and there will be a strong focus on education and knowledge, we'll be hosting GPS seminars, suspension and bike set up classes, tire changing & bead breaking clinics, off road riding clinics, packing clinics, etc. Our friends from Klim will host a detailed class on how today's high tech riding suits repel water, protect you… and keep you comfortable at the same time. There will be clinics or classes on every imaginable topic. The list of classes and clinics is growing continuously.

There will also be daily rides - some will be guided others will be self -guided via GPS tracks which will be provided for you.

We'll have evening entertainment including live music and a sneak preview of the highly anticipated Expedition 65 movie which is an epic travelogue about an adventure ride that went from jungles of Colombia to the top of the Andes at nearly 17,000 feet elevation and on Ushuaia, Argentina. 10,000 miles of adventure over a two month period in late 2016

But wait… there's more! On top of all the classes, clinics and fun; all your food, beverages, camping, guided rides etc. are all included too… as well as a *souvenir shirt.

So – the bottom line is this: If you're serious (or curious) about Adventure Riding; this is an excellent opportunity to both experience and learn about everything related to our world. Three days of fun, learning, and excitement at RawHyde’s new facility in the Mojave.

*Souvenir shirt is based on availability.

For Adventure Days

Take a look at this video from 2012 Adventure Days in California

The following Vendors will be present and will be showing all the latest in Adventure Gear.


Classes and Clinics

  • Field Diagnosis of Motorcycle Problems: Using a small handheld tool called the GS 911. This slick device pairs with an adroid or laptop and can tell you nearly anything and everything that’s wrong with your motorcycle. Also allows you to reset “faults” and get back on the road in many cases.
    (30 minute class)

  • How to Make Your Insurance Company Pay For An Off-road “Incident”: A class taught by an insurance attorney who specializes in motorcycle and insurance law. Most insurance companies will not pay for damage caused in ‘off road situations” Learn how to get an insurance company to cover you in an off road accident. Learn what to say when filing a claim and also learn what NOT to say. Also learn the things that most insurance companies do not want you to know.
    (30 – 45 minutes)

  • GPS Basics For Off-road Riding: Many folks have a GPS... few learn to use it properly. This class teaches the top 4 critical uses of a GPS. Learn the difference between routes and tracks, learn how to tell people where you are using the format of degrees, minutes and seconds. Learn how to “track back” or use your computer to create a route to find a friend who has had trouble in the back country. Learn how to create waypoints for rescue and a whole lot more.
    (1 hour)

  • Travel Health:there are many considerations when traveling abroad by motorcycle. Immunizations, advance medications to prevent things like Malaria and a score of other considerations. This clinic will be conducted by a registered nurse who specializes in travel health. Learn what you need to know to travel to central America, Africa and other adventurous places.

  • Adventure Apparel - Why You Need It: The basics of water proof adventure gear and armor to keep you safe and comfortable.

  • Communications From Beyond the Pavement: There’s no cell phone service in the back country. Learn about a revolutionary new device that enables 2 way texts from anywhere. This is an affordable new satellite technology that is light years ahead of “spot” Also learn about portable satellite internet service in the back country – and also Satellite phones.

  • Packing for Adventure. Lots of folks aren’t really sure what they need for back country trips. We’ll show you what to bring and how to pack sensibly for one day to a week or more.

  • Lofting A Wheel to Prevent Front Wheel Damage: Many times riders encounter a tree trunk or unavoidable rock in the trail. There is a technique to “lighten” the front wheel so the impact is minimized. This also works for ruts and potholes as well.

  • Towing Your Motorcycle. What to do if your bike breaks down and you can’t fix it. How do you get out or back to a paved road to catch triple A? Learn this simple towing technique.
    (45 minutes)

  • Fire Starting: Many times the ability to start a fire for warmth is a life or death situation. Learn a few simple tricks for starting a fire to cook a meal or for warmth.

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