Level 2: Intro Plus

Level 2: Intro Plus Training Program

RawHyde has been operating ADV rider training programs for more than 15 years and over that time we’ve learned two things that have prompted the development of this new program we’re calling “Intro Plus”.

  1. First, we know that most folks don’t have the time to “practice” what they learned after they’ve taken one of our introductory training courses.
  2. Second, we’ve learned through surveys, questionnaires, and wistful comments that a lot of riders wish that we offered some kind of a refresher class that also added a little “something extra”.

We know that when a rider takes our Level 1 “Intro to Adventure” that they exit the program with a greatly heightened sense of confidence as well as a full tool box of skills to help them navigate the backcountry. But… if they don’t practice what they’ve learned what’s the result? Just like a knife that’s been sharpened but not used… it gets rusty and dull. The same thing happens with the “perishable” skills of Adventure Riding. The old adage of “use it or lose it” has never been more true.

Thus we’re pleased to introduce our new “Intro Plus” program which is a combination of a complete refresher of our Level 1 program “Plus” the addition of some challenging new skill development exercises that will serve to continue to increase rider confidence and prepare them for greater adventures in the “real world”.

Here’s how the class is structured:
Day 1 will include an opportunity to refresh all the skills taught in our Level 1 “Intro to Adventure” as shown below!

Morning session:

  1. Body position and bike ergonomics for effective off-road riding.
  2. Throttle, brake, and clutch techniques specific to backcountry riding. (Requires more finesse than street riding.)
  3. How to use weight-shift techniques for steering while standing.
  4. Balance techniques – balance is EVERYTHING.
  5. Turning technique using counterbalancing concepts.
  6. Obstacle avoidance – and understanding the concepts of target fixation.

Afternoon session:

  1. How to control front and rear wheel skids.
  2. Hard acceleration techniques on dirt and gravel.
  3. Hill climbing & traction control.
  4. Descending hills in a controlled manner.
  5. The basics of riding in sand.
  6. Hill restarting techniques.

Day 2 will add additional development exercises to expand the riders “tool box” of skills with the goal of increasing rider confidence. We’ll focus on tasks that ease the rider into more advanced skills. Hill climbing, advanced braking techniques and more!

Morning session:

  1. Hill climbing exploration, varying steepness and the three types of climbing techniques, climbing under power, neutral throttle climbs and momentum climbs. (three hours).
  2. Deep gravel. Anyone who dreams of riding to Alaska, or perhaps to South America will need to know how to ride in gravel. An hour in our gravel pit will provide the chance to gain some proficiency.

Afternoon session:

  1. Narrow line riding. One of the most important skills on a motorcycle is “putting the bike where you want it”. The bulk of the afternoon session, two hours, will be drills and exercises that focus on “holding the line” from actual trail riding scenarios to riding between parallel logs and other similar exercises.
  2. High speed braking and the basics of skid turning – many people are fearful of “locking up the brakes”, but if you know what to do skidding is a great way to either initiate or finish a turn. You just need to know how. This two hour session will give you the basics in this technical maneuver.

This new Intro Plus training is the perfect bridge between Intro to Adventure and Next Step. Come join us for Intro Plus if you’ve not been able to get out on your motorcycle for a while, or as refresher anytime and to get a leg up and polish your off road skills before taking Next Step. Whatever the reason… come join us for this new addition to our training line-up. Hope to see you soon!



Most models of the BMW GS available