Fitness & Nutrition

There is a funny phenomena that occurs in many activities or sports that involve gear, whether it be skiing, mountain climbing, tennis or adventure motorcycling. We have all witnessed it: someone decides to get into something new and goes out and buys all the best stuff. Then, has no idea how to use it AND is too out of shape to be effective in using it. Take our sport for example: a guy or gal goes out and buys a brand new Adventure Bike, crash bars, HID lights, a GPS, new panniers and all the rest of the Gear, only to find that they, themselves, are the limiting factor of their riding experience.

Let's elaborate.

Obviously, we can handle the training component. Here at RawHyde, we can teach you the skills to ride off-road. But, there is something else to consider. Riding a big bike like the BMW GS or a KTM 990 requires both strength and endurance.

Most people have no idea just how physical it is to ride a big motorcycle off the pavement. These bikes weigh nearly 600lbs. with luggage, and sometimes you have to muscle them around. It's very demanding on both your physical and mental capacities. Enduro riding (as we call it) is the most active form of recreational motorcycling; because as the rider you constantly need to "influence" the bike with your bodies weight and strength to make the bike do what you want as you negotiate the rough trails of the back country.

Let's face it, many people today lead inactive lives and are out of shape - mostly by choice, but also in part due to obligations of work and family. If you want to enjoy the back country experience to the fullest, you need to take some steps to condition yourself, and you need to fuel yourself properly. You as the "pilot" are an integral part of the package that is rolling around the back country. You can have the best bike and the best gear, but if you are not strong enough to pick up your bike, if it tips over, or you don't have the physical endurance to complete the journeys you want to take. then you wont have much fun.

The links below are PDF articles which can help you to enjoy your adventure motorcycling experience more. The first article titled "Hydration and Nutrition" was written by Dr. Mark Jensen, a flight surgeon for the US Air Force (and an adventure rider). Its pretty obvious that your motorcycle needs gas to get you into and out of the back country, well, so do you. Take a moment and read through this simple and enlightening explanation of what happens to you, if you don't eat or drink properly.

The other two links are about fitness for the adventure rider, written by Anton Griessner. Anton is a world class body builder and Mr. Universe competitor. Now, I realize that not many of us have the dedication to pursue Anton's level of physical fitness, BUT we can all benefit from his knowledge. Anton has written two workout programs: one is a simple overview with good suggestions that any adventure rider can to do to get into better shape. And, the second is a highly detailed workout routine that will get you into tip top shape over several months-there are also downloadable charts for this program.