ADV Essentials

Staying safe in the back country!

ADV Essentials

Staying safe in the back country!

Let us share some very important things we’ve learned over 20 years of back country exploration! This is a class that you can “add on” to your training weekend at RawHyde and it’s structured to provide you with important insights into “All the rest” of the knowledge that you need to confidently venture into the unknown! This class requires a Thursday night arrival at RawHyde because we start early Friday morning. (overnight lodging and meals included in class price)

Why take this class?? Lets be honest – there are unavoidable risks that you face when you venture off the pavement and into the woods or the desert or the Great Beyond! There is typically little to no cell service, there is no “road side assistance” and there may be no other people around for miles… So what happens when you have a problem? Can you communicate with the outside world? Do you know how to accurately explain to potential helpers exactly where you are? Are you prepared and able to safely and comfortably spend a night in the back country if your motorcycle becomes unusable? (dented rim, dead battery or?) Can you fix a flat tire and do you have a tool kit that will allow you to do repairs at the side of the trail?

You’ll learn about all this and more in our ADV essentials program which is a 4.5 hour class taking place every Friday morning before the regular training sessions begin.

Adventure Essentials including Thursday night arrival & stay with Dinner & Breakfast $595
(8:00am – 12:30 Lunch, 2 breaks)

Satellite Communication (8:00 - 8:40 am) (40 minutes)

  • Sat Phones
    • How they work for calls/msgs - network choices.
    • Discuss cost range/usage fees
    • Demonstration
  • InReach/Spot (2-way communication text only) Satellite Devices
    • Discuss features, use, network
    • SOS function for rescues
    • Discuss product cost/sub fees
    • Demonstration

-10 min Break-

Navigation methods (9:00-11:00 am) Students strongly urged to bring their GPS and Laptop computer with Base Camp software loaded.

  • GPS Units
    • Basic functionality ie how a GPS works
    • downloading/uploading and editing tracks
    • Software for PCs/Macs to create routes/tracks/waypoints
  • Smartphone backup to GPS (Android/iOS)
    • Following tracks/routes
    • GPS backup app overview: Gaia GPS, Maps.Me, OnX Offroad
    • Common functions across apps

Tool Overview (11:00-11:40am) (40 minutes)

  • Discuss having a “core" toolset
    • Adventure Designs custom set
  • Discuss packing
    • Weight factor (necessities versus overloading)
    • Spreading tools across the riding group
    • Tool redundancy among riders
    • “Special” items (duct tape, loc-tite, zip ties, JB Weld, fence wire) vice grip substitute for brake or clutch

Preparing for an unexpected night in the back country. 11:45 – 12:30

  • What to carry – we will walk you through everything you should have in your “kit”
  • Space blanker, fire starter, hygiene, protection, dehydrated meals and more
  • You will be provided with a comprehensive list by brand and model of everything you need for an unexpected overnite in the boonies.

Lunch: 12:30 to 1:15