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Bill Bergman, RawHyde Review

Bill Bergman

Simply the best experience thus far on my bike.

RawHyde Off Road... Simply the best experience thus far on my bike. Why? Here are a few reasons.

  1. You can use your own bike EVEN if it’s not a BMW. This was huge for me since I ride a Triumph Explorer XC and wanted to use it for training.
  2. All inclusive. Once there my lodging and food (I’ll talk about the food later) were included in the price.
  3. Customer Service. From the start they make you feel welcome. Once there the level of service is legendary.
  4. Training. They really shine here. The approach taken is to tell you to do “this” or “that” with your bike. This keeps you focused on the task and not thinking about doing it wrong.
  5. Food. No trip to RawHyde would be complete without commenting on the food. This is not your typical “The was hot and there was plenty of it” kind of place. While this statement is true, one word description is “awesome”. Breakfast was a buffet style affair. Lunch was a box lunch that would put most dinners to shame. Dinner was a 3 course meal complete with wine served to us by the RawHyde staff.

These are a few of the reasons I recommend RawHyde. I would also recommend a trip like the High Rockies Adventure after training to practice your new skills.

Thanks for reading.

Bill Bergman

Mats Ceder, RawHyde Review

Mats Ceder

Show up Friday, put away my car keys and my wallet, and enjoy the weekend

Chicago, Illinois.

I have attended several training classes and events at RawHyde. It reminds me of camp when I was younger. Show up Friday, put away my car keys and my wallet, and enjoy the weekend. Everything is there already arranged for you including bike, food, lodging and the great Dakar Bar! The opportunity to hang out with a bunch of riders around the campfire in the evening, discussing the ride experience from the day, is a great ending before heading to bed.

Scott Wachs, RawHyde Review

Scott Wachs

100% first class highly capable instructors

Coulterville, CA.

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know last weeks Base Camp Alpha experience was just incredible. First of all the modification due to weather was brilliant, the ground we covered was beautiful and challenging but not overly intimidating. Arrival Sunday night I felt like I was being greeted by old friends or like I was coming home. Thats the overview, totally satisfied.

Now a couple details, your staff, all of them so far are nothing short of amazing, they really don’t make me feel like some client with a bunch of money there to pay to have a good time. Your staff makes me feel like I’m part of something bigger and I really enjoy the whole experience. I have now had the opportunity to work with six of your coaches, they are all a little different as they are all individuals but they are also 100% first class highly capable instructors, being a good rider is difficult but teaching it is a whole other level of difficulty. I’m very impressed.

I had the the opportunity to ride Tuesday with Jeff And Barty, it had to be one of the greatest rides of my life. I felt really challenged but I never felt intimidated or in any serious danger, just right at my limit but not to the point I felt I was going to get in trouble. I really like those guys and we became friends which is special to me because I’m sort of a lone wolf and making friends doesn’t come easily to me. I also made a couple new friends with other clients and I am probably going to ride to the Grand Canyon in September with one of them who will be picking up a bike from you, (Rob).

Thanks for all you do !!

David Haydock, RawHyde Review

Mylan Cohen

You inspire people to live life to its fullest.

Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

I just want you to know the incredible positive impact that you, your company, and your team has had on my life, Maya's life, and potentially our family as I've now encouraged our son to start riding. We intend to come back as soon as possible as a family to attend training together. You have an outstanding organization. Your leadership, ability to assemble an outstanding team, create a fun, challenging, positive, and rewarding environment, and offer an exceptional customer experience is incredible. You inspire people to live life to its fullest.

David Haydock, RawHyde Review

David Haydock

BMW motorcycles and Rawhyde go hand in hand!

Cambria, CA.

Anyone that asks about my bike or talks about getting an adventure bike, I say two things... Get a BMW and go to Rawhyde, both of which are worth every penny! I then go on and on about the feeling of satisfaction being able to ride obstacles I would have never thought possible. And I have to rave about the fantastic food, fun atmosphere as someone who lives on the Central Coast of California, I have to let them know that Rawhyde even has an appreciation for good wine! Who could ask for more? BMW motorcycles and Rawhyde go hand in hand! They have both enriched my life immensely.

Jeff Camacho, RawHyde Review

Jeff Camacho

I was lucky enough to work with this amazing team.

It was a great event. So many talented riders from all over the US came to RawHyde Adventures for the 2015 GS Trophy Challenge West Coast Qualifiers. I was lucky enough to work with this amazing team.

Daniel, RawHyde Review

Daniel Schneider

I'll be back!

Thank you all for the awesome Intro Course last weekend. Great bunch of instructors and staff. I'll be back! I also want to thank you for making me think hard about upgrading to a 1200!

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Audrey Rodriguez

Audrey Rodriguez