ADV Weekends at Zakar

ADV Weekends at Zakar

“all inclusive” fun with your friends at the only ADV focused hospitality oriented facility in the USA!

RawHyde is pleased to announce a new program that we’re offering at our Zakar location in the middle of the great Mojave Desert.

We call this new program by a very simple name…. “Weekends at Zakar” and the idea behind it is to provide an opportunity for ADV riders to gather and spend a weekend making new friends, sharing meals and RIDING at the only purpose built ADV moto facility in California! One of the challenges we know people face is finding riding buddies that have the same “time schedule” so by coming out to Zakar on the weekends we’ve selected you’ll find yourself surrounded by a bunch of folks that all want to do the same thing… Ride & hang out with like minded people.

Speaking of riding, Zakar is situated in the largest “Open area” in the state which makes it a wonderful location to be a “base” for some awesome ADV riding! From the historic Wells Fargo stagecoach trail to the famous “Mojave Road” there are thousands of miles of roads and trails, Ghost towns, historic sites as well as the spectacular Paiute Mountains!

The Value proposition? Lets face it… a weekend at Zakar will be MUCH more fun than a weekend road trip staying at a Holiday Inn… The place has a great vibe, it’s brand new… new beds, new dining hall, a great bar and huge fire pit and as mentioned above it is ADV focused!

Our goal is to make a fun weekend at Zakar no more expensive than the price of an average weekend away and it will include 3 nights accommodations, bar service , 3 hot meals each day prepared by Chef Eric Rodriquez (or a trail lunch if preferred) and the opportunity to hang out with a bunch of fellow ADV riders… (what could be better) * there will always be a couple of RawHyde’s coaches on site to provide riding tips, local knowledge or help in general.

So for $599 you will receive:

1. three nights accommodation included (quad occupany in 4 person cabins) ** Private rooms available for an extra $50 per night!

2. 8 hot meals, (Dinner Thursday thru Breakfast Sunday)

3. GPS tracks provided on site for local rides

4. All models of BMW rental bikes are available!

There is no way you can take a three day ride staying at hotels for this rate… Come join us and make some new riding buddies!

Here are a few of our local Adventures: There is a plethora of exciting things to see near Zakar for those who are seeking dirt-oriented adventures, and for those who are looking for some fun pavement there as some fabulous twisty paved roads as well. Below are some of the nearby highlights!

Burro Schmidts tunnel – Just 40 minutes from Zakar lies one of the gems of the desert, a half mile long tunnel through the El Paso mountains with an amazing view from the exit of the shaft!

The Trona Pinnacles – Frequently used by Hollywood as an alien planet, the pinnacles have hosted Battlestar Galactica, the Starship Enterprise and were used as the final battle scene for Planet of the Apes a few years ago. Truly an otherworldly landscape!

The Husky monument – An eclectic memorial to desert riders who have “passed on” the Husky Monument is AWESOME! And adventurous and challenging road takes you to this amazing tribute to members of our community.

Chimney Peak National Scenic byway. Chimney Peak is about an hour from Zakar and is one of the BEST local rides. A dizzying set up switchbacks take you from the desert to the Pine forest near Kennedy Meadows.

Nadeau Road & Cerra Gordo – Originally built by Swiss engineer Remy Nadeau this trail went from the Silver mines of Cerra Gordo to L.A. The flow of silver from Cerra Gordo was “billions” based on todays dollars and is considered to be the reason that Los Angeles was transformed from a sleepy little pueblo into the city that it is today.

The X15 crash site – located less than 45 minutes from Zakar this is a memorial to one brave man that was part of the X-15 rocket plane program and our efforts to explore the outer edges of our atmosphere and space! It’s a cool but sobering reminder of the cost of expanding our knowledge of the unknown!

Jawbone Canyon rec area & the Paiute mountains – Only 15 minutes from Zakar is the Jawbone Canyon recreation area which is a huge playground for all powersports toys. From homemade buggies to dirt bikes this is a true “open area” where anything goes. Just on the western edge of Jawbone begins the Paiute mountains which are riddled with great high altitude roads with amazing views.

And this is only the beginning – There is so much to see and do in this region. You could explore for a month and barely scratch the surface of what’s available to be seen!

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