Level 4: The Expedition CV

Advanced "Field" Training

Phase 4: The Expedition CV

Advanced "Field" Training

What is a "CV"?

Cur·ric·u·lum Vi·tae

noun \kə-'ri-kyə-ləm-'vē-,tī, -kə-ləm-, -'wē-,tī, -'vī-,tē\

:A short account of one's career and qualifications prepared typically by an applicant for a position. A resume. Latin: "course of (one's) life"

The Expedition CV is our Level 4 training program and provides a baseline of both knowledge and experience for “real” adventures in the “real world”. We strongly advise that you take our level two class (known as the “Next Step” ) before embarking on the CV. We always offer the Next Step the weekend before CV takes place.

The “CV” as we call it is both the final step and the "missing link" in Adventure Rider Training. The letters CV are from the Latin phrase "Curricula Vitae" which in modern terms it means a resume but for this program means that we’ll help you build a resume of accomplishment as a rider. This program is part expedition preparedness, part education and part vacation. It's a real life adventure which takes place in the "real world" not the carefully crafted environment of our training school. And to top it all off… this is one cool trip as well.

We have two primary goals for the CV – The first is to provide you with a complete understanding of what preparedness means for backcountry travel.

And the second goal is to give you, our client a “measuring stick” your skills so that as you ride the “real world” you have an understanding of where your abilities lie… and when is the right time to turn around!

As mentioned above this is not only a training program but it’s also a fantastic adventure through the heart of the incredible Mojave Desert, and it provides many opportunities to learn while at the same time affording a great vacation.

The purpose of the Expedition is to expand your riding experience beyond what RawHyde offers with its curriculum-based programs in southern California. The expedition takes place in the deserts of California and Nevada using Death Valley National Park as the centerpiece for the trip. Death Valley is considered to be one of the world's greatest adventure destinations and many of the Valley’s natural wonders are 50 miles or more in the backcountry at the end of a rough dirt road. Death Valley simply stated is an adventure rider's dream because there is approximately 150 miles of paved roads in Death Valley and more than 1100 miles of dirt roads and trails.

The Expedition CV is offered quarterly; as a follow up to the RawHyde / BMW Off-Road Academy training program.

What to expect for the Expedition CV

Clinics: we’ll host several clinics which are designed to begin ‘”bridging the gap” between everyday riding and expedition riding! First Aid, Tire Repair and Navigation and Satellite communication are examples of the clinics we offer. Each clinic is an hour or so which for the most part can only provide a basic introduction to the topic, but at the same time will help you become much more aware of the necessities of riding in the backcountry.

The riding is demanding! You’ll face everything from deep sand to rock ledges and “rock gardens” that will force you to dig deep and use every ounce of your riding ability! The purpose is to help you define and understand your thresholds (where you need help… and when its time to turn around)

What to bring? This is the tough part. If you’re serious about world travel then we’ll want you to bring all your own “stuff” so that you can get used to dealing with the weight on the trail. In that case you’ll need the following:

  • Camping gear- (tent, bag and air mattress)
  • Tools, air pump, tire repair equip etc.
  • Anything else you think you’ll need to be self sufficient on the trail.

** if you’re flying in and renting a bike from RawHyde we’ll be happy to provide all necessary camping gear.

Arrival at RawHyde: What to expect

If you’re not already in the weekend training program - your CV experience will begin on Sunday afternoon when you arrive. You’ll be welcomed by a member of the RawHyde team where you’ll be “checked in” and assigned a bunk, or for an additional fee there are a limited number of private rooms (call for availability). At that point you’ll join the wrap up festivities of the weekend’s training and you’ll meet your fellow adventurers who will be joining you on the CV.

The clinics will begin on Monday morning and we'll begin with GPS usage and route management, then communication, followed by trail maintenance and first aid training. During the following days we'll cover topics like properly packing the motorcycle for off-road adventures, setting up the tent and sleep systems, cooking in the field, motorcycle maintenance, and self-recovery.

The expedition will be supported by RawHyde Adventure's 4x4 support truck and as well as a chef & EMT for your comfort and well-being.

The CV will take place over six nights and five days beginning on a Sunday afternoon, and wrapping up the following Saturday morning. Riders will arrive at the RawHyde Ranch (BMW Academy) with their adventure motorcycle complete with panniers or any other suitable form of off-road capable motorcycle luggage, or rent one of RawHyde's BMW GSs fitted with panniers.

The Expedition CV schedule:

3:00 pm

Arrive at RawHyde

6:30pm - 7:30pm

Meet & Greet in the Dakar Bar



Accommodations are the rustic bunkhouse at RawHyde

7:30 am



Leave No Trace lecture, GPS clinic, tools & packing seminar


Satellite communications discussion


Lunch and First Aid seminar


Tools and packing seminar


Bike diagnostics using iphone

Accommodations are the rustic bunkhouse at RawHyde

7:30 am


8:30 am

Departure, destination Base Camp Alpha.

12:00 pm

Lunch on the trail.

4:00 pm

Arrive at Base Camp Alpha

4:30 pm

Setting up camp

7:00 pm

Cocktails & dinner by the campfire

Accommodations are the rustic bunkhouse at RawHyde

8:00 am


8:45 am

Daily ride review

9:15 am

Hit the trail for Death Valley, either via Mengel Pass, or Tea Kettle Junction.

12:00 pm

Lunch on the trail

5:00 pm

set up camp

7:00 pm

Cocktails & dinner by the campfire

Accommodations Field Camping Goler Wash, or Death Valley’s racetrack

7:30 am


8:30 am

Depart for Death Valley Exploration

12:00 pm

Lunch on the trail

6:00 pm

Camping or hotel (depending on availability)!

7:00 pm

Camp side cocktails & dinner or cocktails & dinner at hotel (if available)

Accommodations camping or hotel (depending on availability)

8:00 am

Breakfast TBD

9:30 am

Hit the road for RawHyde ranch, asphalt all the way!

12:00 pm

Lunch on the trail

3:00 pm

Arrive at RawHyde, cold one in the Dakar bar before a light dinner or head for home

Accommodations: Rustic bunkhouse at RawHyde


Head for home


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