The RawHyde Team

Bill Langford

Hi, my name is Bill Langford. I was born in California, although I spent my early years growing up in Richardson Texas, a small town just outside of Dallas. Growing up in the country as a young boy, I was infatuated with any two-wheeled motorized bike. I could ride for days in the Texas hills chasing armadillos, jackrabbits and cows.

After high school I joined the Navy and spent 5 years on Nuclear Submarines and Special Ops. Returning from the service I moved back to California and graduated from Cal State University, Long Beach. I own a design and manufacturing business in the sports industry called TRI ALL 3 SPORTS. We manufacture hard-shell cases for the transportation of racing bikes and racing wheels. We also make cases for Homeland Security and Special Ops. I am an avid cyclist and IRONMAN Triathlete. My wife Barbara is also an IRONMAN Triathlete and motorcycle enthusiast. We enjoy camping in our Sportsmobile, Photography, and target shooting.

I love motorcycles and have a number of BMW's and Ducati's. Riding a BMW or a Ducati on a racetrack will certainly get your adrenaline going. However my real passion is for Adventure Riding, exploring the backcountry on dirt trails, enjoying the beauty of our country that you don't see from a concrete highway. I have ridden all over the western part of the United States and Baja, including the Continental Divide from Mexico to Canada with Jim Hyde.

I met Jim Hyde in 2006 and joined his team in 2007. Our goal as Coaches at RawHyde is help you to develop the skills and confidence necessary to take you out of your normal comfort zone. To challenge you to take the journey that separates those who are only bystanders in life; to those who truly participate and explore the riches of life.

Bill Langford, RawHyde Adventures
Rob Day, RawHyde Adventures

Rob Day

Hello, I’m Rob Day.

I was born in Newport News, Virginia and live in Los Angeles.

I’ve been riding motorcycles since the early 80’s, and am also a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard.

I work for Fox Sports in Los Angeles as an engineer, and have been with the company since 1997.

My first motorcycle was a Yamaha DT-100 Enduro. After that and up until 2012, all of my bikes were street bikes. I bought my first GS and became instantly hooked on riding these bikes off road.

I attended all of the curriculum offered at RawHyde Adventures, as well as several tours and alumni rides.

I have also ridden several Backcountry Discovery Routes as well as several rides in Mexico.

I am now a coach at RawHyde Adventures, a job that I find very rewarding and a lot of fun!

Rob Glass

Raised in the oilfields and basketball courts of Southern Illinois, I migrated to Nashville, Tennessee to attend college. Graduating second (from the bottom) in my class, I was a well known regular at Rotiers, Printers Alley, The Exit-In, and various early 1970’s Nashville scenes.

Perhaps, my questionable academic performance was due, in part, to the purchase of my first motorcycle – a Penton 125. That, and the fact that it WAS the 70’s, had a way of setting certain priorities for me. If you catch my drift. I married, settled into an acceptable lifestyle. In the early 1980s I moved to Asheville, North Carolina becoming a semi-respected member of the academic and administrative community of Warren Wilson College.

My younger adrenaline fueled adventures included motocross, downhill skiing, skydiving, SCUBA diving, rock climbing, and white-water rafting. Eventually, as happens with most adults, I settled into mid-life responsibility and became a marketing and communications guru of sorts, I established the consulting firm of Glass & Gold, Inc.

These days I'm a motorcycle gypsy whose home is wherever my 2006 GS1200 is. I and my bike hang out full-time at RawHyde now where I’ll engage you on the phone, via emails, on the training courses, and sometimes on a tour. I enjoy helping folks take the steps needed to improve… in riding or in life. Almost always positive, an authentic encourager, you’ll find me working with folks needing a helping hand.

Rob Glass, RawHyde Adventures
Owen B., RawHyde Adventures

Owen B.

Hi, I'm Owen B.

I've been riding BMW Motorcycles exclusively since 1979.

I have been in the industry since 1981.

I've been involved with RawHyde Adventures since 2009.

I am currently a Senior Coach and tour leader for RawHyde Adventures. Come take a trip with me! It's all about having fun!!

I have been the General Sales Manager of three different BMW Motorcycle stores.

For two years in a row I was the top volume salesman for BMW Motorcycles in North America.

And, it's all about the GS and Adventure Lifestyle!!


Chris Zurn

Greetings, fellow adventurers!

My name is Chris Zurn and at RawHyde, you'll catch me coaching the 'Intro to Adventure' course and helping support our epic tours.

A little about me... I had been riding pavement since 1989. During all that time, my inner voice had me looking down endless stretches of dirt. In more recent years, that inner voice ceased whispering and began shouting: "Get into adventure biking!" I heeded the call, purchased a 1200 GSA in late 2010, and 3 months later, found myself in the Intro course I now teach! I had been bitten by the adventure bug, and I've been infectiously promoting this sport since 2011.

I've ventured beyond the familiarity of home and explored Mexico, the Continental Divide and most recently, Alaska and Canada. I predict and hope the lens in which you view the world will forever change as it did for me.

When I'm not savoring the grit, I work in technology risk management for a global mutual fund company. I spend most of my time with my lovely girlfriend and her terrific kids, and I tempt her to join me on two wheels whenever possible. After all, the inner voice still beckons...

My mission is to share enthusiasm, skills and helpful information with new riders whenever possible. I can't wait to help you steer your own ship, and it sets sail at RawHyde. Four wheels move the body, but two wheels move the soul. Carpe adventum, friends!

Chris Zurn, RawHyde Adventures
Tom Biery, RawHyde Adventures

Tom Biery

Hello, my name is Tom Biery and I am a coach for RawHyde Adventures. I was born in the midwest but have lived most of my life in Colorado where I still reside with my family. I started my time with RawHyde in late 2016 and it’s been a blast. When I’m not riding with RawHyde, I serve as a Firefighter/Paramedic for a large Denver metro fire department. Like many, I owned my first motorcycle at a much younger age – 350cc dirt bike for me. Since then, I have owned several bikes both for street and dirt but, it was not until recently that I discovered adventure motorcycles and landed on a BMW GS. Now that I know what the large adventure bikes are capable of and the places they can take you, I don’t plan on ever getting off of my GS. Thankfully, my beautiful wife loves riding two-up and supports my motorcycle habit.

I look forward to helping others meet their riding goals while making new friends in this thing called Adventure Motorcycling. Here’s to hoping our trails cross…

Jeff Camacho

Jeff Camacho has been an Instructor with RawHyde since 2011. Being a California native, it's afforded him the gift of being smack dab in the middle the "SoCal Motorcycle Culture".

Jeff has owned all types of motorcycles from dirt bikes to Harley Davidson Motorcycles to performance bikes until finally finding and falling in love with his BMW R1200GS Adventure.

He has been riding since the tender age of 6 years old. He spent his childhood riding the California Deserts and Mountains. For several years, Jeff was active in racing the AMA District 37 Grand Prix Circuit and has raced the famed Lake Elsinore Grand Prix many times.

Although Jeff proudly coaches newer riders at RawHyde, He affectionately remembers the joys and pains of the learning process. Helping others reach their goals truly gives him another form of fulfillment from motorcycling.

Jeff has been lucky enough to participate in several of RawHyde’s big tours. Two of his favorite tours are RawHyde’s Continental Divide Ride (CDR) and more recently, RawHyde’s Big Bikes in Baja Tour. They are both vastly different in many ways but they each allow you to see parts of North America that many don’t have an opportunity to see.

To say motorcycles are his passion would be an understatement. If he’s not spending quality time with his kids, Emma and Cash, or working in Pasadena as the Sr. Vice President of an engineering services company, it’s safe to say he’s probably out riding!

Jeff Camacho, RawHyde Adventures
Jon K., RawHyde Adventures

Jon K.

Hello and welcome to the incredible world of Adventure Riding!

I’m Jon K. and I’m happy to say you have come to the right place to develop your skills and confidence as an Adventure Rider. I started riding street bikes as a teenager and made many mistakes as I learned how to handle a motorcycle on the congested roads and freeways of Southern California. It wasn’t until many years later that I took my first motorcycle safety course and realized just how much I had yet to learn. The importance and value of quality motorcycle training cannot be overstated.

I grew up with an appreciation for nature and a love of exploration. With that in mind, I made the transition to dual-sport motorcycles in 2005 and discovered a whole new world of possibility on two wheels. I attended the “Intro to Adventure” training at RawHyde Adventures in 2011, and joined the staff as a coach and guide later that year. Since that time, I have had the pleasure of coaching and guiding tours while working alongside some of the best (and most entertaining) adventure riders to be found anywhere.

I’m proud to be part of the RawHyde team and I look forward to seeing you on the trail!

Kerry Schilf

My name is Kerry Schilf and I was born in Chicago Illinois. I currently reside in Southern California and have a background in law enforcement. Growing up, I had a strong sense of adventure and I loved outdoor activities. It didn’t take long before I met friends with a passion for motorcycles. I didn’t get the opportunity to own a motorcycle as a youngster, but I purchased my first street bike at the age of 20 and never looked back!

I have had the opportunity to work many different assignments during my law enforcement career, but nothing has been more rewarding than being a member of the Traffic/Motorcycle squad. I joined the motorcycle squad in 1999 and became the Motorcycle Training Officer in 2006. Teaching precision riding techniques has been my passion and I enjoy seeing people improve their skill level.

My other interests included horsemanship, camping, fishing, and snow skiing. Most importantly, I get to share all of my life experiences with an amazing wife (who I met in 1992)!

I look forward to riding with you and sharing the RawHyde Adventures!

Kerry Schilf, RawHyde Adventures
Trev Richter, RawHyde Adventures

Trev Richter

My name is Trev Richter. I am from Ft. Collins, CO and have lived there since 1982. I own Colorado ADV Moto and have been a carpenter for most of my life.

I have been on 2 wheels for most of my life, from BMX as a kid, and motorcycles from my teenage years until now. I have always wanted to combine my passions of camping, travel, and motorcycles, Adventure Riding has done that! It's amazing how many people approach you when on a bike. In my opinion, it's the only way to travel!

I have been a coach and tour guide for Rawhyde since 2014. I have met a lot of great people, made some very close friends, and have LOVED every second! It is an honor to be able to help someone improve a skill, or get past a fear. See you on the trail…

Wil Stillens

Hello I am Wil Stillens and I am a Rawhyde instructor.

I have been involved with Jim Hyde since I was 13 years old, what started out as pulling weeds, painting and demolition became the foundation for a very important friendship. Approximately, in 2002 I received a phone call from Jim—he asked me to come see something special that he wanted me to be a part of—and with that, my coaching career had begun. This was an easy transition since from childhood I had been riding dirtbikes, mountain bikes, anything on two wheels basically. I am an ex-downhill mountain bike racer on the California Amateur Cup, the State Series and Nationals. The skills are the same; weight shift, brake control, balance. I loved it and turns out I love teaching it as well.

I love helping others with their motorcycle skills. Adventure riding the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I realize that adventure riding goes way beyond the bike... It is a lifestyle, with some of the nicest people I have ever met. I will do this for the rest of my life. So please ride with us and take the adventure of a lifetime!

Wil Stillens, RawHyde Adventures
Erin Sills, RawHyde Adventures

Erin Sills

Hi friends, I’m Erin and I started riding later in life than many. Since 1999 I’ve been primarily a sport-touring rider, logging over 350,000 miles across the high deserts of California, Nevada, Utah and the Great Southwestern US. With a genetic pre-disposition towards “loving speed”, I began land speed motorcycle racing in 2004 on the Bonneville Salt Flats. With over 20 World and National Speed records under my belt, I came to RawHyde in 2016 to learn how to become more comfortable with motorcycles moving around under me on unstable terrain like dirt and salt. I’m extremely grateful for my fellow coaches who enabled me to quickly move from student to coach. I credit off-road riding for improving my land speed racing to where I am now a lifetime member of the Bonneville, El Mirage, and Mojave 200 Mile-Per-Hour Clubs with a top speed (so far) of 219.3 MPH. At 5’ 7” and 125 pounds, I want to demonstrate that smaller stature people – male or female - can confidently maneuver the 600 pound BMW GS 1200 in adventure conditions. I dedicate my coaching, riding and racing to my late husband, fellow land speed racer Andy Sills. Thank you, fellow motorcyclists, for continually reminding me that “it’s about the journey, not the destination.” I look forward to riding with you!

Bob Haines

Hi, my name is Bob Haines. I grew up in Illinois, working on my Grandfathers farm. After high school I enlisted in the US Army serving in the Light Infantry. After an awesome career and numerous deployments overseas to some not so friendly places I retired in Colorado Springs, CO. When I’m not riding my BMW GSA on some mountain pass or getting roosted by my son on dirt bikes I serve my community as a firefighter for the CSFD. Like most of you I started as a student with Rawhyde in 2016, I came away from that incredible weekend with a longing to ride my motorcycle to the ends of the Earth. Early in 2017 I started as a coach with Rawhyde teaching the “Intro to Adventure” course as well as supporting some of the tours that Rawhyde offers.

Rawhyde to me is so much more than just instruction and drills. It is a place where people connect and friendships are forged. A place where your story is appreciated and your successes and failures in training are celebrated.

My other interests are chasing adventure as much as possible through mountain biking, climbing, (rock and ice) hiking and slowly ticking off the list of Colorado’s 14,000 ft peaks.

I look forward to riding in the dirt with you.

Bob Haines, RawHyde Adventures
J.J. Puglisi, RawHyde Adventures

J.J. Puglisi

Hi, my name is J.J. Puglisi. I fell in love with and began riding motorcycles over 25 years ago. I have a law enforcement background, and one of the highlights of my career was riding a police motorcycle alongside the officers assigned to traffic enforcement. Completing motor school was a rewarding, yet humbling experience that further ignited my passion to develop my riding skills. Thanks to an understanding wife, and a co-worker and friend with similar interests, I was blessed with the opportunity to do just that, but on a big adventure bike, off-road. The best thing about this sport is the joy of sharing it and its challenges with others. I get great satisfaction not just in instructing, but in helping to add more members to the adventure riding family. That is what the RawHyde experience is truly about. See you on the trail!

Robert Montero

Hello fellow adventurers, my name is Robert Montero and I am one of RawHyde’s newest coaches. I am a native of Phoenix, Arizona and still reside there.

Upon graduation from high school I joined the Army and spent the next eight years as a Combat Medic. As a medic I was assigned to a Mechanized Infantry Battalion, Forward Support Battalion, and a Ranger Battalion. Following that I switched services and joined the Air Force, where I served as a Medical Technician, Information Management NCO, and a member of Security Forces. I retired with a total of 22 years of service. While serving my country I was deployed several times to the Middle East (the sand box), and I obtained an associate degree in Information Management, Criminal Justice, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Management.

I purchased my first bike in June 2011 which was a KTM 950 Adventure. After many rallies, trail rides, and coming close to death more times than I care to admit. I realized I needed some training! So, in July 2015 I attended RawHyde’s Intro Class with Base Camp Alpha. I was instantly hooked on the training, the camaraderie, the people, and the kindness the staff showed as they helped each other. I returned for Next Step with Expedition CV and then purchased my first BMW R1200GSA. Today I own a 2016 BMW R1200GSA and 1997 Suzuki DR350.

When I’m not teaching or on a tour, I enjoy overlanding, mountain biking, backpacking, shooting, and most of all, challenging my riding skills on the GSA off road! I look forward to seeing you and helping you reach your training goals.

Robert Montero, RawHyde Adventures
Barthy Barthel, RawHyde Adventures

Barty Barthel

I grew up in the midwest on a horse farm and have been riding off-road since I was 8 when I trade horses for horsepower. After a brief tenure as an auto mechanic at dealerships in Wisconsin and Illinois I moved on to motorcycles. In search of year round work, and to extend my riding season, I moved to California in 2015.

I am a factory trained mechanic on a number of European motorcycle makes including Vespa, Piaggio, Ducati, Triumph, and Aprilia, and have been a master certified BMW mechanic since 2006. I have a super keen eye for detail and an obsession for mechanical perfection.

My primary responsibility is to maintain all the motorcycles in the RawHyde fleet. I am also here to help customers with bike issues and answer questions. Additionally, I help with coaching and am available for private coaching sessions for Next Step and Next Step Plus. It’s fair to say that I am familiar with all the features on the GSs, and can demonstrate and push, a GS to its limit and beyond.

When I’m not riding or working at RawHyde I can be found tending my catcus garden or searching for hot peppers.

Eric Sachs

Hi my name is Eric Sachs. I was born in Hollywood, CA and have lived in Southern California ever since. I became a police officer at the age of 21 and was given the opportunity to serve the public in that capacity for 10 years.

I got my first motorcycle at age 17 and have been on two wheels ever since. In 2015 I bought my first BMW Adventure bike but was terrified to take it off-road. I found RawHyde Adventures in 2016 and learned the basics of off-road motorcycle riding in my first “Intro” class. I absolutely fell in love with the sport and attended several of RawHyde’s training classes and tours over the next year or so. The amazing training and instruction at RawHyde paved the road for me to finally become a coach. Today, as a coach at RawHyde, I am again afforded the opportunity to serve and to share my knowledge and love of the sport with our customers.

I am married and have 4 wonderful children, 2 dogs, a cat and a guinea pig. I’m looking forward to meeting and riding with you all!

Eric Sachs, RawHyde Adventures
Jon Berry, RawHyde Adventures

Jon Berry

Hello all. My name is Jon Berry and I was born and raised in Southern California, the son of a Los Angeles Police Department motor officer. I have been involved with motorcycling literally since I was born, myself riding many varieties of dirt bikes from the age of 5, and street bikes from the age of 18.

After high school I joined the Air Force and am still serving, almost 34 years later. As a motorcyclist, the Air Force has afforded me the opportunity to live and ride all over the world, my favorite being Western Europe and the Alps. Currently, I command the Air Force ROTC detachment at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona where I live with my wife, two sons, two dogs and various other critters. I am retiring from active duty service in July, 2020 and look forward to my newfound freedom, notably on two wheels.

Motorcycling is my passion and has been for many years, but sharing my passion with like-minded people is my favorite aspect of the sport. I recently replaced my trusty 2007 1200 GSA with a 2019 1250 GSA, but I also have a Harley Davidson Ultra Limited, two dirt bikes (KTM and a Honda), and a Polaris RZR. The sensation of riding and its experiences are visceral, and I truly love seeing what the next turn or trail brings.

Being a RawHyde coach is a phenomenal opportunity, particularly getting to witness and contribute to the skills growth and confidence improvement of our clients; I am truly inspired, and gain great satisfaction watching people reach and exceed their goals. Additionally, being a part of the incredible RawHyde team means I get to help break down barriers and remove preconceived notions of what rider training will be like. We all have something to learn, and what better place to experience it than with fellow enthusiasts? My goal is to help clients safely and confidently enjoy the sport of Adventure Motorcycling to their fullest extent.

I look forward to seeing you at camp, on one of our fantastic excursions, or somewhere on the backroads. Let’s ride!

Josh Jones

Hello, I’m Josh Jones. I’ve been an instructor for RawHyde since 2016. I teach Intro to Adventure, Next Step, as well as guide on the tours. Like many people, I was converted from the street/cruiser world, as I had not discover the love for dirt till later in life, when I had come through RawHyde as a student myself.

My family is originally from Alabama (War Eagle!). I am a US Coast Guard veteran. Most of my working career was spent as a defense contractor working in counter narcotics and counter terrorist operations in Central/South America and Afghanistan. I was also a firearms instructor, training folks in rifles, pistols, shotguns and concealed carry permitting. Later, I turned to the music production world and became a touring musician, sound engineer and production manager. Which subsequently brought me out to California and Nevada where I had, by chance, come to learn about RawHyde. I found a new calling to take on the motorcycle adventure life and pursued a job with BMW Motorcycles in Las Vegas which allowed me the opportunity to get more involved in this ADV riding community. I also got involved in the desert and off road Rally racing.

I was fortunate to have found myself being more involved with RawHyde. Jim had given me the chance to join the team as an instructor and tour guide, and I went all in. I love seeing the world on two wheels, love meeting new people and making life long friends, and I’m extremely grateful to be able to be with Team RawHyde. I get to open up fellow motorcycle riders to a whole new world of riding, challenges and watch people stepping out of their comfort zones to leave the pavement behind.

Anyway, thanks for reading, that’s my story. Hope to see you at one of our classes or out on the trail someday!

Josh Jones, RawHyde Adventures
Jon Stillman, RawHyde Adventures

Jon Stillman

Hi, my name is Jon Stillman. Growing up in Northern California I dreamed of becoming a professional bicycle racer.

In 1966 I saw my first European motocross and decided that’s what I want to do! I started competing in 1968 and participated in a variety of off-road events during the next 20 years.

Motorcycling has played a central role in my life and afforded me many unique opportunities to travel the world. While serving in the military I was fortunate to be a member of the US Army Racing/Recruiting Team based in Ft. Hood, TX. After my service I worked the next 37 years in the motorcycle industry employed by Rokon, Husqvarna, and Honda at the manufacturer level.

Soon after retiring in 2009 I discovered Adventure Motorcycling and decided that’s what I want to do!

After riding my new BMW 1200GSA off road I knew this wasn’t my old dirt bike. I discovered RawHyde Adventures and completed the Next Step course. Every aspect of my RawHyde experience impressed me to the point I asked Jim Hyde if I could join his team.

As a RiderCoach and Tour support rider I have the opportunity to share with you the experience and expertise I have gained from more than 50 years riding off road.

The enthusiasm, desire, and comraderie I feel from our customers continues to motivate me to hone my skills.

Welcome to RawHyde I’m here to assist you in achieving your Adventure Riding dreams.

Bob Hyde

My name is Bob Hyde (no relation to Jim, except our love for motorcycles). I was born and raised in Ohio, but have lived In Lake Havasu City Arizona for 15 years. I have had a few jobs over the years but am now a motorcycle test rider for Harley Davidson. My job at Harley sent me to RawHyde Adventures, where I fell in love with the Adventure bike off road life style. I have ridden motorcycles for over 50 years (mostly off road) but now have a BMW GSA and plan on racking up the miles on it. Some of my other interests are hiking with my dogs, jet skiing, wake surfing or anything outdoors or water related. I look forward to coaching for RawHyde and helping students tap into their off road ability’s.

Bob Hyde, RawHyde Adventures
Carmel Rubin, RawHyde Adventures

Carmel Rubin

My name is Carmel Rubin. I first came to RawHyde in October 2017 as a volunteer for the GS Trophy Western Qualifier and again as a volunteer at Zakar for Adventure Days in February 2019. I was hired for a month as the event coordinator for the GS Trophy Qualifier held here in May 2019. These days I assist the RawHyde Team with special projects.

I was born in New York, grew up in Maine, have been riding since 1979 and off-road riding for just a few years. In September of 2016 I quit my job and embarked on what was supposed to be a one year ride I called my Thin Line Ride–as in there’s a thin line between doing something brave and doing something stupid and I wasn’t sure which one quitting my career in my 50s was to ride for a year. I first drifted into RawHyde a year into my ride … and now here I am in my fourth year as a full-time moto gypsy who has been drawn back to be part of the RawHyde Team.

I’ve been known to ride for pie as I have explored 49 of the 50 states, all of the Canadian provinces, and Baja on two wheels in the past four years. I bake pie and I eat pie.

Gina De Pasquale

Hi everyone! Welcome to the world of Adventure Riding. I've been coaching at RawHyde since 2017 and I can't tell you how valuable, fun and life expanding the training and community is here at RawHyde Adventures!

I was born and raised in Westchester County, New York. I frequented various racetracks in my youth watching my dad race cars. At age 4 he started giving me mini bikes. My 4th bike was a Yamaha GT80 that he pulled out of the junk yard and gave me for my 12th birthday, I still have it! In 1990 I followed my life-long dream of moving to California and got my second degree in Interior Design at San Diego State. I spent a few years riding a Honda 400Four before honing my riding skills on a ZX9 Kawasaki and other sport bikes in the canyon and racetracks of southern California. Back then it was unusual for a woman to be riding the big bikes around! Outside of official training, the best teachers are more experienced people with whom you ride, follow and learn from.

In 2001, after a year of leading cross country tours for Edelweiss Tours, I became a product specialist and ride leader for BMW events and press launches. This was the start of my long standing relationship with BMW Motorrad. I've spent nearly two decades working at car and motorcycle shows, events and open houses. In 2004 I opened Long Beach BMW Motorcycles, became a top salesperson and apparel specialist, and bought the '05 R1200GS I still ride today. This is where I first met Jim Hyde. My first real stab at adventure riding was spent at a training weekend for dealerships. 2007 I enjoyed working as Retail Center Manager at BMW of Las Vegas and later in 2015 opened Mamba Motorsports in Santa Clarita. This reconnected me to RawHyde Adventures and the now exploding world of adventure riding. After my first training I was hooked!

I am thankful to Jim for making me a coach as I enjoy being a role model for women and inspiring riders everywhere! My favorite part of RawHyde is that fact that I get to meet new people whom I love teaching, sharing tips, knowledge and experience. Working with my friends old and new is not like working at all and expanding my network of adventure friends near and far is rewarding and priceless. When I am not coaching at RawHyde you can find me designing and landscaping, at BMW press launches, carrying a photographer for photo-moto, rescuing cats and dogs and traveling abroad as much as I can. I look forward to meeting and riding with all of you and adding tools to your toolboxes. There's a lot of world out there to see people, let's go for it!

Gina De Pasquale, RawHyde Adventures
Andy Lehman, RawHyde Adventures

Andy Lehman

I was born and raised in southern California where I grew up riding dirt bikes. My teenage summers were spent as a ranch hand and wrangler in Montana. For 41 years I worked as a general contractor. I have enjoyed many trips to the desert, passing along my love of riding to my children and grandchildren.

I love riding my GS across the country, completing trips from southern California to the east coast, Alaska, and Canada. I have also ridden to Montana many times, a place I consider my second home. I enjoy spending time with my family; snow skiing with my wife, hunting with my kids, off-roading with my grandkids, and of course riding motorcycles with all of them. My coaching with RawHyde has put my passion for motorcycles, appreciation of America’s geography, and helping others all into one adventure.

Our riders


Bill Bergman, RawHyde Review

Bill Bergman

RawHyde Off Road... Simply the best experience thus far on my bike. Why? Here are a few reasons. Read more.

Mats Ceder, RawHyde Review

Mats Ceder

I have attended several training classes and events at RawHyde. It reminds me of camp when I was younger. Show up Friday, put away my car keys and my wallet, and enjoy the weekend. Everything is there already arranged for you... Read more.

Scott Wachs, RawHyde Review

Scott Wachs

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know last weeks Base Camp Alpha experience was just incredible. First of all the modification due to weather was brilliant, the ground we covered was beautiful and challenging but not overly intimidating. Read more.

David Haydock, RawHyde Review

Mylan Cohen

I just want you to know the incredible positive impact that you, your company, and your team has had on my life, Maya's life, and potentially our family as I've now encouraged our son to start riding. We intend to come back as soon as possible as a family... Read more.

David Haydock, RawHyde Review

David Haydock

Anyone that asks about my bike or talks about getting an adventure bike, I say two things... Get a BMW and go to Rawhyde, both of which are worth every penny! I then go on and on about the feeling of satisfaction being able to ride obstacles I would have never thought possible. Read more.

Jeff Camacho, RawHyde Review

Jeff Camacho

It was a great event. So many talented riders from all over the US came to RawHyde Adventures for the 2015 GS Trophy Challenge West Coast Qualifiers. I was lucky enough to work with this amazing team.

Daniel, RawHyde Review

Daniel Schneider

Thank you all for the awesome Intro Course last weekend. Great bunch of instructors and staff. I'll be back! I also want to thank you for making me think hard about upgrading to a 1200!

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