Ladies Only

Intro Class

Ladies Only Intro Class

An introduction to dirt riding techniques

Attention ladies! You asked, and we listened: RawHyde now offers Ladies Only Training classes. This is your opportunity to learn how to handle your bike off-road, gain confidence, and make some life-long lady friends in the process.

Most RawHyde classes are co-ed, and by the very nature of this sport (Pastime? Hobby?) they do tend to be pretty male-dominated. For a lot of women this can be a bit of a turn-off…as we all know guys can be pretty “macho” around things with engines, especially if there are ladies nearby. So the Ladies class will be operated in one of two ways, #1 if there are enough gals on the roster to fill an entire program then it will in fact be an “All Ladies” weekend, OR – if we don’t have enough ladies to fill the roster we’ll also conduct a “mens class” at the same time but the groups will be separated and the ladies will be all together in one group with a female trainer!

Either way we have to run the weekend, your training curriculum will be no different from any other Intro to Adventure class. You’ll learn skills like:

  • Body positioning for off-road riding
  • Clutch, throttle, and brake control
  • Weight-shifting techniques for steering the bike
  • Balance techniques
  • Turning the bike using counterbalancing
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Front and rear wheel skids
  • Hill climbs and descents
  • Sand and gravel techniques
  • How to recover from a stall on a steep hill
  • How to turn around a fully loaded bike on a steep hill

You will also receive hands-on technology overviews of the bike, opportunities to learn about the tools and equipment that are available for adventure riding, and demonstrations about trailside repair so that you will be equipped to set out on an adventure of your own.

In addition, for those who would like a little extra learning time before the main group arrives, we now offer a Pre-Training Clinic. We have learned through our years of experience that many folks (especially new riders) would like to dip their toes in the water before jumping into something in which they have no experience. It’s quite normal to have the jitters and feel a little nervous as you first arrive at camp, so if you’d like a bit of extra time to get comfortable on the bike before the formal class begins, we invite you to take advantage of this clinic.

This four-hour program begins on Friday afternoon before everyone else arrives, and is geared to ease you into the training program with a little more confidence. It will focus on balance, throttle, and clutch control in off-road specific environments, and basic braking. There are several advantages to this: early arrival, extra time on the bike, and a very personalized experience with our coaches to build your confidence and get you comfortable before class begins. Clinic size is limited and the price is $325. There is no additional charge for use of a bike if you’re renting for the weekend from us.

Have questions about gear? We can help. Our staff and coaches collectively have decades of experience in off-road and adventure riding, and we’ve seen, worn, and crash-tested just about everything! We are happy to provide feedback and recommendations on gear for both you and your bike, all you have to do is ask. You can start by checking out our World of Adventure page to see what all is out there and available.


$1,695 on your own bike

Most models of the BMW GS available



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