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Jason Roughly 1 ½ years ago, RawHyde began importing Sava tires as a premium adventure tire with a long service life and outstanding traction. Sava is a brand manufactured under the umbrella of a large Czech holding company that makes tires for the motorcycle, agricultural, construction, and ATV markets, as well as creating rubber and silicone compounds for a variety of industries. Another brand under this umbrella is Mitas, which recently expanded into the U.S. by opening an agricultural tire factory in Charles City, Iowa. As often happens with large multi-national corporations, a decision was made to transition the motorcycle tire division from Sava to the Mitas brand.

What does this mean for you?

RawHyde will no longer be carrying Sava brand tires—we are now offering Mitas tires, which offer you more choices to suit your style of riding.


Mitas E-10

An ideal alternative to the Continental TKC 80 is the Mitas E-10. With a big block knob pattern and a radial/bias-ply hybrid construction designed specifically for large adventure motorcycles, the E-10 provides both great traction and long wear on the pavement and beyond! Choose the Dakar version for a thicker sidewall that offers greater puncture resistance for off-road adventures.

Mitas E-07

If you’re looking for a great 50/50 tire with long tread life for extended road trips, but you don’t want to shy away from beckoning trails, the Mitas E-07 might be the right tire for you. Its cross-ply construction and chevron tread pattern offer the perfect balance of pavement grip and real off-road traction, all in a tire that will provide thousands of miles of service. Like the E-10 knobby, a Dakar version is available with a thicker sidewall for greater puncture resistance.

Sizes available are:

- 110/80-19 Front (E-07 and E-10)

- 90/90-21 Front (E-10 only, no Dakar available)

- 150/70-17 Rear (E-07 and E-10)

With the one exception of the 90/90-21 E-10, all are also available with the thicker "Dakar" sidewall, just like the Savas.

The E-07 is a 50/50 tire comparable to the Heidenau K60 Scout.
The E-10 is a 70/30 (dirt/street) tire comparable to the Continental TKC80, but with much longer tread life.


Call us at 661 993 9942 for more information or to order tires

Tire prices:

E07 tires
Rear 150/70/17 = $150
Front 110/80/19 = $109

E10 tires
Rear 150/70/17 = $165
Front 110/80/19 = $146
Front 90/90/21 = $105

NOTE: RawHyde Alumni can purchase any Mitas Tire that we carry at wholesale prices. Call for details!