RawHyde and COVID 19

To our clients and friends – On behalf of myself and the team at RawHyde we want you to know that we are doing the very best that we can to manage this intrusive COVID 19 episode and its extraordinary impact on our lives. The safety of the RawHyde Team and our clients is of the utmost importance and we are constantly monitoring the ever-changing situation!

As RawHyde is an integral part of the ADV riding community, we’re sad that we can’t do what we do best…which is to host life changing rider training sessions and Adventure tours.

These are difficult times for every business in America. The effects of the virus are unprecedented and have created an event of Force Majeure for many American companies.

At this point in time RawHyde is able and willing to conduct classes, however we’re currently closed as we’ve been deemed a non-essential business by the State of California and accordingly are waiting for this difficult situation to pass!

We know this unusual situation is forcing us as well as many of our clients to change their plans with regards to future training programs and tours.

During this difficult time RawHyde is able to offer only two options for cancelations or our clients who need to cancel or change their plans.

We can only offer the following:

a. We will hold the full value of any deposit (plus an additional $50 dollars) as a credit toward any future event for an unlimited amount of time.
b. or we will rebook you for another class or tour later in the season.

We know that changes and reschedules aren’t optimal for anyone but it’s simply the best we can do given the current situation.

Until things stabilize – be safe, stay positive and reschedule as you need to!

Best regards, Jim Hyde