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Adventure Days for Motorcyclists

What is Adventure Days?

This is our sixth Adventure Days event and we’re thrilled to be hosting it at our newest facility! We have big plans for Zakar, and we’ll be improving it constantly over the coming years so keep an eye on our progress as time passes. So – For ADV Days 2020 we have some great rides planned like the X-15 crash site and the diabolical “switchbacks" of the Paiute Mountains. Click here for more information on the riding to be done in the area.

We’ll have a ton of educational classes at the event this year as always. We’re conducting all the classes in the mornings so your time is free in the afternoon to go riding.

We’ll have classes on nearly every topic you can imagine from the “tech” in the newest generation of riding suits to how to prepare for unexpected breakdowns of your bike. Our friends from Klim will host a detailed class on how today's high tech riding suits repel water, protect you… and keep you comfortable at the same time.

We'll have evening entertainment including live music and a showing of the Expedition 65 documentary which is an epic travelogue about an adventure ride that went from jungles of Colombia to the top of the Andes at nearly 17,000 feet elevation and on Ushuaia, Argentina. 10,000 miles of adventure over a two month period in late 2016.

But wait... there's more! On top of all the classes, clinics and fun; all your food, beverages, camping, guided rides etc. are all included too… as well as a souvenir shirt.

So – the bottom line is this: If you're serious (or curious) about Adventure Riding; this is an excellent opportunity to both experience and learn about everything related to our world. Three days of fun, learning, and excitement at Zakar in the Great Mojave Desert.

Class List

Riding for Adventure Motorcyclists at Adventure Days

1.Randsburg Ghost Town

A dirt road drive to the old mining/ghost town at Randsburg via the Randsburg/ Mojave Road There are two routes that will take you to Randsburg from the rally site – one has potentially a LOT of sand – the other is a nearly abandoned, unmaintained paved road. a. The sandy way is a direct dirt road from California City to Randsburg but you can expect many short stretches of fairly deep sand along the way. b. The less direct route is on 20 Mule Team Road which leaves California City and ties into Hwy 395 a few miles from Randsburg. This is an “easy” route. Click the link to learn more about Randsburg.

Click here to learn more.

2.The historic X-15 crash site

This is an “add on” to ride #1 and is a visit to the X-15 crash site. A bit of local history as America tried to figure out how to break the speed of sound!

It’s a cool monument with an explanatory board that tells the whole story of how the crash occurred. Difficulty level “easy”.

Click here to learn more.

3. Burro Schmidt's Tunnel

The only mineshaft in the region that has not been closed for safety reasons. One man singlehandedly dug a half mile long tunnel straight through a mountain due to an odd obsession. There is an easy way in … and a difficult way in. The difficult way would be for the much more experienced riders only... Novices can go the easy way! Take a look at the article attached to this link – it’s a good read and the tunnel is worth the drive and subsequent “walk” to go through it and take in the incredible view from the other side!

Click here to learn more.

4. The Trona Pinnacles

The Trona Pinnacles are simply “magical” See the image below. It would be possible to “add” this to ride number 1 or 2... but most people need a few hours to properly digest the pinnacles. A visit to the Pinnacles will require about an hour and a half ride from our encampment but it's totally worth it! It's an otherworldly landscape that has been used in many science fiction movies to illustrate the surface of Mars or the moon – click for more details.

Click here to learn more.

5. The Diabolical Switchbacks of the Paiutes

One of the coolest rides to take in the area are the switchbacks! At the end of Jawbone Canyon is a nearly vertical climb from the desert floor into the pine forests of the Paiute Mountains. A dizzying set of switchbacks allows you to make the 2500 vertical foot climb in less than a mile. If there’s no snow in the Paiutes it’s a very rewarding ride…one small problem though… there is deep sand at the apex of every switchback… better get your sand game together.




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Adventure Days by RawHyde Adventures
Adventure Days by RawHyde Adventures
Adventure Days by RawHyde Adventures