Adventure Days Class list for Overlanders

Adventure Days Class list for Overlanders

Spotting techniques – Getting through the rough stuff.

  • What to look for when you need a set of eyes outside the vehicle. How to communicate effectively.

Navigation – Proper use of a GPS, track editing, data entry for search & rescue, and more (taught by Jim Hyde).

  • This class covers basic GPS tech with a focus on the four basic areas of use. Creating routes, navigating to a waypoint, using trackback, and managing the data in your computer.

Search and rescue essentials – The process and how it works (taught by Bryon Bass of Overland International).

  • What you should do in the event of an emergency, and “how” the rescue system works.

Tire repair products & options – Plug it or patch it? What's right for you?

  • Many people have never repaired a tire and if you plan to spend any time at all in the back country you NEED to know how to repair a tire. This one hour class covers the basics of tire repair – plugging and patching – what is “safe” and what’s not after a repair.

The dos and don’ts of travel in Mexico – How to travel safely in Baja Mexico.

  • Where to go, how to get there, and the things you need to do to enter and exit the country. Resources, destinations etc.

Back country communications 101, satellite internet, text and phone –

  • Advances in back country communication keep coming. Learn about portable internet hotspots that work anywhere in the world, two way satellite driven text devices and phones with reasonable calling plans. Peace of mind and safety are tied to the ability to communicate, Learn about it in this one hour session.

Suspension and articulation – How it works, why articulation is important (taught by Bob Burns).

  • This “hands on” clinic shows how to disconnect the sway bar and then take advantage of articulation to increase your vehicles ability.

Camp cooking – A hands on class of “back country culinary cheats.”

  • How to prepare delicious back country meals with minimum ingredients, little mess, and only two burners.

Insurance after the “incident” - (taught by Curtis Coulter and Brent Harsh of Coulter Harsh).

  • What you need to know about insurance claims AFTER an incident.

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