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Adventure Days for Overlanding owners

Overlanding Owners...
Welcome to Adventure Days 2020!

RawHyde is delighted to host this year’s Adventure Days!

All you overlanding owners will find this to be a really fun and enjoyable experience that has six elements to it.

1. It’s a great chance to “hang out” with fellow owners and enjoy the camaraderie that can only come from being with “like minded” folks.

2. It’s also an educational event where classes and clinics are offered on a wide variety of topics on everything from tire repair on the trail to winching and navigation.

Click here for a list of classes relevant to Overlanding.

3. AND it’s a great chance to actually use your machine for the purpose it was built, because RawHyde is all about “exploring” and really getting out there and using your vehicles! We’ll be providing you with a set of GPS tracks and maps to let you explore some of the incredible places near the rally site. (If you don’t feel confident using a GPS don’t worry, we will have classes on the topic.)

4. You will also have a chance to drive our “work in progress” overland training zone. This is a one mile long “track” with sand, moguls, logs to cross over and other interesting obstacles.

5. We will be bringing in a few of the newest toys for you to inspect and dream about!

6. But wait... there's more! On top of all the classes, clinics, and fun; all your food, beverages, camping, guided rides etc. are all included too… as well as a souvenir shirt.

Class List

Adventure Days 2020 – Exploration opportunities for Overlanding Owners.

1.Randsburg Ghost Town

A dirt road drive to the old mining/ghost town at Randsburg via the Randsburg/ Mojave road - very easy – all overlanders can make it! Return to camp via the 20 Mule Team Road – (abandoned asphalt road)

Click here to learn more.

2.The historic X-15 crash site

An “add on” to drive #1 is a visit to the X-15 crash site. A bit of local history as America tried to figure out how to break the speed of sound!

http://aircraftwrecks.com/monuments/x15.htm It’s a cool monument with an explanatory board that tells the whole story of how the crash occurred. Difficulty level “easy”.

Click here to learn more.

3. Burro Schmidt's Tunnel

The only mineshaft in the region that has not been closed for safety reasons. One man singlehandedly dug a half mile long tunnel straight through a mountain due to an odd obsession. There is an easy way in … and a difficult way in. The difficult way would be for the Fords only… Sprinters can go the easy way! Take a look at the article attached to this link – it’s a good read and the tunnel is worth the drive and subsequent “walk” to go through it and take in the incredible view from the other side!

Click here to learn more.

4. The Trona Pinnacles

The Trona Pinnacles are simply “magical”. See the image below. It would be possible to “add” this to drive 1 or 2… but most people need a few hours to properly digest the pinnacles. A visit to the Pinnacles will require about an hour and a half drive from our encampment but it's totally worth it! It's an otherworldly landscape that has been used in many science fiction movies to illustrate the surface of Mars or the moon or….

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$389 (single person)

$500 (two per vehicle)


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Adventure Days by RawHyde Adventures
Adventure Days by RawHyde Adventures
Adventure Days by RawHyde Adventures